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What is the .NTB file type?

With reference to ReluxSuite, a light planning and simulation tool from Relux Informatik AG, the .ntb extension serves to denote N2 reflectance table (or R-table) files. Along with their W4 counterparts (.rtb), these R-tables contain in plain text numerical reference data for calculating reflectance of different road surfaces when planning road lighting systems with Relux software. Both .ntb and .rtb R-table files have standard filenames like "r_N2W4[country_code].ntb" and are placed in the "..\ReluxSuite\obj\" folder by default.

Besides, the .ntb filename suffix is associated with the Phylogène Table (.ntb) file type introduced in Phylogène, a Microsoft Windows application developed by the Institut Français de l'Éducation (French Institute of Education, IFE) for the study of evolutionary trees (phylogenies) at schools and colleges. Within Phylogène, .ntb files contain plain-text tabular data representing the interrelationship among species. In a given Phylogène collection, table (.ntb) files are saved in the "Tableaux-Caracteres" subfolder.

Apart from the above, the .ntb extension is also used with Bongo, a data plotting program for GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows by Franco Zavatti. Here, the .ntb extension was chosen as an identification token for plain-text data files in which spaces are used to separate data columns instead of tabs. Such .ntb files provide source data for Bongo command files (.bon).

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