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What is the .CSD file type?

Derived as a abbreviation of Csound, the .csd suffix is primarily related to the Csound Unified File Format (.csd). CSD is the single standard file format adopted for Csound musical scores and orchestrations. Csound is an open-source music computing system and a programming language that make it possible to program multi-channel synthesized music using HTML-like markup. A Csound .csd file is a text document with a number of structured tag elements that include instrument definitions, MIDI event sequences, Csound language constructs, license information, etc. CSD files can have HTML freely embedded in their source code, which can be directly viewed and edited in a text editor. Such .csd files can be interpreted and played by the Csound binary executable, available from The Csound Community for different platforms.

Another occurrence of the .csd extension has to do with the Steam Game Backup (.csd, .csm) file type associated with the client application of Valve Corporation's popular gaming platform named Steam. The Steam client application allows to create local backups of games linked to a Steam account. A backup usually contains a number of .csd and .csm binary data containers named like "3841_depotcache_1.csd/.csm" and saved in the "Steam Backups" folder. Backed-up games (.csd, .csm) can be restored to its original Steam account using the Backup and Restore feature of the Steam client application.

Additionally, the .csd extension represents the Trimble Coordinate System Database (.csd) file type used by Trimble mapping and survey systems, including total station instruments. The .csd file (namely, "current.csd" in the "ProgramData\Trimble\Geodata" folder) contains definitions of different coordinate systems and projection models in Trimble's binary format that are referenced by Trimble software (e.g., GPS Pathfinder Office). The primary tool to work with such .csd files is the Trimble Coordinate System Manager.

The .csd extension also represents the Thomson Reuters Creative Solutions Data (.csd) file type. A .csd file is a client data backup created in UltraTax CS or FixedAssets CS that are parts of Thomson Reuters' professional accounting and tax management suite named Creative Solutions, CS. Such CSD backups can be used to restore full client data in a different installation of the same application (UltraTax CS or FixedAssets CS).

With reference to Cocos Studio, a free cross-platform programming environment for C++ game development by Chukong Technologies Inc., the .csd extension represents the Cocos Studio Interface File (.csd) file type. Interface (.csd) files are XML documents that are used in Cocos Studio to program user-interface screens for different scenes or objects.

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