SNF File Extension

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What is the .SNF file type?

SNF files are associated with Starry Night, a suite of programs for transforming a user’s desktop into a planetarium. A Starry Night file with the .snf extension can be considered a preset – it saves conditions for monitoring a particular celestial event (i.e. sky settings, time mode, viewing location and direction).

The SNF file extension may be also assigned to capture files created by Sniffer. This program is designed for capturing data packets passing through digital networks and their further monitoring and analyzing.

SNF files may also be associated with DESQview application originally developed by Quarterdeck Office Systems. Released in 1985, DESQview enabled users to run DOS programs in different windows and switch between them. A DESQview SNF file contains font information.

In addition, the SNF file extension was used by X Window. In this case, the SNF extension stands for Server Normal Format and signifies font description files. SNF fonts were platform-dependent and required recompilation on workstations from different manufacturers. Later SNF was replaced by the portable .pcf format.

Software to open or convert SNF files

You can open SNF files with the following programs:
Anyclick by UNETsystem Inc
Starry Night Pro Plus
Starry Night Pro Plus by Imaginova Canada Ltd.
Starry Night Pro
Starry Night Pro by Simulation Curriculum Corp.
Starry Night Celestron
Starry Night Celestron by Simulation Curriculum Corp.
Starry Night Pro Plus
Starry Night Pro Plus by Simulation Curriculum Corp.

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