CTG File Extension

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What is the .CTG file type?

The .ctg extension is usually tied up with the Canon Catalogue (CTG) file type and files of this type found in many Canon digital cameras. A .ctg file is a small-sized non-plaintext metafile automatically created by the camera per each picture folder.

CTG files store information about the number of pictures taken within associated directories on the camera's memory card. They are auxiliary files automatically created and removed by the camera to facilitate indexing. One folder can hold up to 100 images, so another folder and another .ctg file are created if there are more images to store.

Canon CTG files take up very little space and do not pose as a clutter factor. Being metafiles, they do not contain any image data and, therefore, cannot be converted in any image format. Normally, a lot of CTG files can be found in the 'CANONMSC' folder. Canon's official advice is "Close this folder and leave it alone."

Files with the .ctg extension are not meant to be opened and edited directly, so there is no default association for them on any of the popular user platforms.

Software to open or convert CTG files

You can open CTG files with the following programs:
WhereIsIt by Robert Galle
ChessBase by ChessBase
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN
ChessBase by ChessBase GmbH

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