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What is the .CWL file type?

A short for crawl, the .cwl filename extension is primarily used to denote the Acunetix Saved Crawl Results (.cwl) file type associated with Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner (WVS). Acunetix WVS is a commerical software tool by Acunetix Ltd., capable of testing web sites and application for attack vulnerabilities. Acunetix WVS performs its web site analysis by crawling from page to page and sending numerous specially formed requests to check server responses. The .cwl file represents the results of a vulnerability test session performed with Acunetix WVS. As the .cwl file type is automatically registered and pre-associated with Acunetix WVS at the time of its installation, such .cwl files can be opened and viewed by this tool using the default open action.

Alternatively, the .cwl extension represents the IBM Stage Watchlist File (.cwl) file type used in the scope of Metric Studio, a component of the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence suite, responsible for working with performance indicators and metrics. The stage watchlist file (.cwl) is a regular text file that contains tab-delimited data, required for adding a portlet in Metric Studio.

Another use case of the .cwl extension relates to TeXstudio, a full-featured open-source LaTeX authoring tool that uses this file suffix to denote its Completion Word List (.cwl) files. Either autogenerated or created manually, a .cwl file contains a text list of autocompletion rules and semantic guidelines for a given context. Such .cwl word lists are normally placed into the TeXstudio configuration folder.

Software to open or convert CWL files

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