PSC1 File Extension

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What is the .PSC1 file type?

Standing for 'PowerShell Console,' the .psc1 filename extension is associated with the Windows PowerShell Console (.psc1) file type used by Windows PowerShell, a powerful and flexible scripting platform offered by Microsoft for their Microsoft Windows operating systems. A programmable command-line scripting environment, Windows PowerShell allows to automate many administrative and routine system maintenance tasks.

A PowerShell console (.psc1) file is a regular text file providing a list of PowerShell snap-ins (Microsoft .NET assemblies made of cmdlets and/or providers). It is generated in the PowerShell command-line environment using the Export-Console cmdlet. Once created, the console file can be passed as an argument to the PowerShell executable (powershell.exe) using the -PsConsoleFile switch to start a new PowerShell session adding the snap-ins listed in the console (.psc1) file. An numerical index was added to the .psc1 extension to avoid confusion with the other existing file types (e.g., MySQL backup files, .psc).


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