DASH File Extension

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What is the .DASH file type?

The .dash extension is primarily associated with the MPEG-DASH (Dynamically Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) high-quality video streaming format. An international standard since 2011, MPEG-DASH allows to serve digital video streams from conventional HTTP servers in several quality grades simultaneously. MPEG-DASH clients can dynamically adapt to their network conditions by adjusting quality to maintain a smooth playback.

A .dash file is a temporary file created by a client application during playback of an MPEG-DASH video stream. Such DASH files contain video container files (e.g., MP4, MPG or other) that are parts of a larger video stream played in sequence.

MPEG-DASH content is served by several major video hosting sites (YouTube etc.), and playback of MPEG-DASH streams is supported by media players (and respective web browser plugins).

In a different meaning, the .dash extension is also used in conjunction with the Dashlane to denote the Dashlane Secure Archive (DASH) file format/type. Dashlane is a commercial credentials management tool available for several major platforms from Dashlane, Inc. A limited free version is also available.

Dashlane is used to manage passwords and other credentials and provide secure storage of such data. DASH files are used to export such personal data in a single strongly encrypted (AES-256) archive file. Thus, a .dash file is a encrypted binary file that can be opened from within Dashlane only, provided a correct password is known.

Software to open or convert DASH files

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