DBA File Extension

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What is the .DBA file type?

The DBA file format is used for creating backup files on Palm devices. You can archive necessary information by selecting the Export command and use the resulting .dba file for synchronization of information on different devices.

DBA files typically store a backup of calendar entries such as important dates or scheduled meetings. DBA files can be converted into more common file formats for importing them into Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook. However, such conversion may result into losing some part of information.

Additionally, the DBA file extension may be attributed to DarkBASIC source code files. This simple programming language is used for creation of three-dimensional computer games (puzzles, battles, shooters, etc.) on the Windows platform.

DarkBASIC games employ two types of files. The first one is a project file with the .dbpro extension that contains graphics, audio and other data used in the game. The second one is a .dba file that contains the code of the program. The files are usually compiled into an executable .exe package.

Software to open or convert DBA files

You can open DBA files with the following programs:
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