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What is the .DCL file type?

The .dcl filename extension is primarily associated with the AutoCAD Dialog Definition (.dcl) file type used in AutoCAD, a family of major Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software products from Autodesk. AutoCAD implements AutoLISP, Autodesk's version of the LISP programming language, as a user application platform. Through its special Dialog Control Language (DCL), AutoLISP allows to construct and manipulate custom dialog windows.

The .dcl file describes dialog windows, their elements and layout, for an AutoLISP program (.lsp) that implements the processing functionality behind each of the GUI controls. It is a regular ASCII file with the DCL source code. AutoCAD's default dialog definitions are stored in the "acad.dcl" file, while standard prototypes reside in the "base.dcl" file.

DCL dialog definitions are normally used with AutoLISP programs. The preferred tool for creating and editing DCL files is the Visual LISP Editor, although any .dcl file can be easily opened or modified in a text editor.

Denoting the DumpSec Report (.dcl) file type and format, the .dcl extension also relates to DumpSec, a freeware security parameters audit tool for Microsoft Windows from Somarsoft (SystemTools). By default, DumpSec saves permissions, rights, policies, and other security-related reports in its native binary format as .dcl files. Such security reports can be opened back in DumpSec, although DumpSec does not register the .dcl file type or associate itself with it. Once opened, any report (.dcl) can be exported in one of the standard text formats.

Additionally, an old satellite TV receiver control program DVBControl uses the .dcl extension for its channel list files. Besides DVBControl, the .dcl format is supported in several other DVB-related programs and channel list editors such as WKLE.

With reference to the Fortran 77 programming language and in particular, to the ftnchek static code analyzer, the .dcl extension is assigned to declaration list files generated by ftnchek with the "-makedcls" option on. Such a .dcl file would contain a concise list of all variable and other declarations made in a Fortran 77 program.

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