DCTMP File Extension

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What is the .DCTMP file type?

The verbose filename extension .dctmp has its association with the DC++ Incomplete Download (.dctmp) file type. It is used by DC++, an open/free Microsoft Windows client for Direct Connect (DC) and Advanced Direct Connect (ADC) distributed P2P (peer-to-peer) networks. Both DC and ADC use hubs to co-ordinate network transaction among peers, while the actual information exchange is carried out directly between two end points (user machines), basing on shared network folders.

The .dctmp suffix is appended to any file currently being downloaded with the DC++ client, preserving the original filename and extension. By default, .dctmp files are saved into the "Incomplete" folder in the user home directory, unless a different location is set.

Once the download is complete, the temporary .dctmp suffix is removed, and the downloaded file is transfered into the downloads directory (as set in the DC++ options). If any .dctmp files are present in the "Incomplete" (or equivalent) directory, it means there are still downloads in progress.

Software to open or convert DCTMP files

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