RTMAP File Extension

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What is the .RTMAP file type?

The .rtmap filename extension denotes the CompeGPS Tiled Raster Map (.rtmap) file type associated with the CompeGPS Raster Image format, developed by CompeGPS for their navigation devices (e.g., CompeGPS TwoNav) and mapping software (e.g., CompeGPS Land/Air).

CompeGPS' software uses scalable maps that consist of several .rtmap files and the .imp control file. Saved in the CompeGPS Raster Image format as denoted by the "CompeGPSRasterImage" signature in the file's header, each .rtmap file provides a topographical map image. There are several so-called overview layers per each map, each corresponding to a certain scale and level of detail and represented by a single large .rtmap file in the "My Documents\Maps" directory (CompeGPS Land/Air). In addition to that, .rtmap files inside the "[country_name]_RTMAP" (e.g., "POLAND_RTMAP") directory are map tiles offering the greatest level of detail available for this map.

The IMP file (e.g., "PolandTopo.imp") combines all of the map's layers (.rtmap) into one multi-scale map. CompeGPS maps are accessed by opening the .imp file, not the individual .rtmap layers.

Software to open or convert RTMAP files

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