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What is the .FL file type?

The primary association of the .fl filename extension belongs to the FEMLAB/COMSOL Model File (FL) file format/type. FEMLAB (and later, COMSOL Multiphysics) is an advanced physical process modeling framework, actively used in scientific research and education. To save models, FEMLAB (COMSOL) uses a proprietary binary file format (.fl).

An .fl file is a physics model definition created in FEMLAB or early versions of COMSOL. Although current versions of COMSOL Multiphysics use a different model file format (MPH), they can import legacy FEMLAB/COMSOL .fl files, if such files were saved in COMSOL 3.5a. Earlier .fl files can be batch-converted into the COMSOL 3.5a format.

FL model files can be natively opened in FEMLAB and early COMSOL or imported into the latest COMSOL Multiphysics, although older .fl models may not import seamlessly.

Alternatively, the .fl filename suffix is also tied up with the Microsoft Freelancer Saved Game (.fl) file type and format. Microsoft Freelancer is a freespace simulator computer game developed by Digital Anvil and released by Microsoft for the PC platform. Freelancer uses .fl files to save current game states in a private binary format. Saved games (.fl) can be loaded to resume playing from the moment the game was saved. FL files are often target for modding and/or cheating, with a number of unofficial command-line and GUI tools available to read/write the FL format.

Apart from that, the .fl extension is additionally associated with the FLUID FLTK Source Code File (.fl) file type. FLUID (Fast, Light User Interface Designer) is a GUI-based editor to write FLTK (Fast, Light Toolkit) source code. Providing a visual way to create UI source code, FLUID saves its projects as .fl files. A FLUID .fl file is a text-only file that can be opened in a text editor or "compiled" into 'real' FLTK source-code (.h and .cxx files) with FLUID.

Software to open or convert FL files

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