LXC File Extension

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What is the .LXC file type?

The filename extension .lxc belongs to the Lexware Exported Data (.lxc) file type, normally associated with one of the bookkeeping and tax advising software products developed by Lexware GmbH in and for Germany, such as Lexware Buchhalter, Lexware Steuerkanzlei, or others. To enable client-advisor information exchange, all Lexware applications share a common file exchange format, referred to as the Lexware Beraterformat (Lexware Advisor Format) or simply LXC-Exportdatei (LXC export file).

An .lxc file is an encoded container for accounting data exported from a Lexware application, to be given to the client/advisor or imported in another Lexware product.Each LXC file has both client and time-period references hardcoded in it. Normally obtained in the course of information exchange with remote accountants or tax advisors, LXC files can be imported into a Lexware application using the Datenaustausch-Center (Data Exchange Center) feature present in Lexware products. To do that, the LXC file must be placed into the designated import directory. For convenience, Lexware provides a copy helper that copies any .lxc file to the import folder when double-clicked.


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