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What is the .DGG file type?

The .dgg filename extension primarily represents the PLZ-Diagrammvorlage (PLZ-Diagramm Template, .dgg) file type used by Das PLZ-Diagramm, a German-language ZIP-code area charting application developed by Klaus Wessiepe for Microsoft Windows and distributed as shareware. Regular Das PLZ-Diagramm charts are saved as .dgr files, while area templates (Gebietsvorlagen) receive the .dgg extension. Referring to Das PLZ-Diagram, the .dgg file represents a template of a charted area arranged to follow the existing territorial division based on ZIP codes, dialing codes, or other criteria. Such .dgg templates define area shapes and borders and provide a ready-made basis for user charts. Just like regular charts (.dgr), it is a formal XML document readable and modifiable by the program. The source code of any .dgg file can be viewed by opening the file in a text editor. Several sample templates (.dgg) are provided with Das PLZ-Diagram in the "%ProgramFiles%\Das Postleitzahlen-Diagramm 3.8\Vorlagen" folder, covering dialing codes, administrative land divisions, etc. for Germany and other German-speaking countries.

Quite apart from the above, the .dgg extension also serves to denote GPS + GLONASS radio-frequency (RF) signal recordings made with a Spirent RF recorder like GSS6450. Here, the .dgg file provides a container for the waveforms of both GPS (13 MHz) and GLONASS (26 MHz) high-frequency radio signals captured from the air.

Software to open or convert DGG files

You can open DGG files with the following programs:
Das Postleitzahlen-Diagramm
Das Postleitzahlen-Diagramm by Klaus Wessiepe, Softwareentwicklung und Vertrieb

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