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What is the .PACKAGE file type?

The main association of the verbose .package filename extension belongs to The Sims 2/3 Custom Content Package (.package) file type/format. The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 are life simulation games by Electronic Arts (EA), part of the Sims series. The Sims 2/3 games can be configured to allow custom content, which is heavily used for all kinds of modding. All modding in The Sims 2/3 is done through .package, .sims3pack, and .sim files.

With reference to The Sims 2/3, a .package file is a compressed binary container for game resource objects. PACKAGE files use EA's standard DBPF (Database-Packed File) file format and are version-specific (may not work with certain versions of the game).

There are multiple sources of The Sims 2/3 custom content as well as authoring and (un-)packaging tools for .package files on the Internet. Downloaded .package files must be placed into the "Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages" folder (The Sims 3 on Microsoft Windows). PACKAGE mods are commonly installed, using the TS3 Install Helper Monkey tool.

Alternatively, the .package extension associates with the Panstoria (formerly, Creative Memories) Digital Content Package (.package) file type and format used in conjunction with the commercial album-making and scrapbooking software Panstoria Artisan. Artisan is the successor of the former Creative Memories StoryBook.

Here, a .package file is an archive in a proprietary binary format that contains a collection of digital graphics. While Artisan defaults to the newer .pakit digital package format, it is fully capable of reading .package files, commercially available from Panstoria.

Lastly, the .package extension has also been chosen to represent Autopackage software installation package files (.package) with reference to Autopackage, yet another Linux software package management system. Autopackage primarily targets applied software and is optionally available on several GNU/Linux distributions, seriously lagging behind DEB (Debian) and RPM (Red Hat) in terms of software availability and version updates. A .package file is an executable bash script that must be run to install the contained software.

Software to open or convert PACKAGE files

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