DGN File Extension

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What is the .DGN file type?

The .dgn filename extension represents the V8 DGN (.dgn) file format and type associated with Bentley MicroStation, a potent commercial state-of-the-art CAD software by Bentley Systems. An expansion of the earlier V7 DGN format that followed the Intergraph Standard File Formats (ISFF), V8 DGN is Bentley MicroStation's native format. Currently, V8 DGN is a popular CAD format with a large user base and even a de jure standard for CAD files with some government agencies.

A .dgn file is a CAD file in the V8 DGN format. It is a 2D or 3D drawing made in Bentley MicroStation or exported from other CAD application. All V8 DGN files (including those with different extensions, such as .par) can be also opened and viewed with the free Bentley View V8i viewer that supports several other CAD formats, too. Additionally, DGN files can be directly opened in Autodesk AutoCAD.

Through open V8 DGN libraries developed by the Open Design Alliance (ODA), import/export of DGN files is supported by other CAD and 3D modeling systems.

Software to open or convert DGN files

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