ZDL File Extension

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What is the .ZDL file type?

The .zdl filename extension primarily represents the Avery DesignPro 5.x Document (.zdl) file type and associated proprietary file format used by Avery DesignPro 5.0 and later. Avery DesignPro is label, sticker, and card design software, available free of charge from Avery Products Corp. on Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X. Avery DesignPro is considered legacy software replaced with Avery Design & Print.

Avery DesignPro allows to put together creative designs and print them on different Avery media. The .zdl file is an Avery DesignPro design. It employs Microsoft's OLE2 Compound Document Storage format to save the design's layout, text and graphics, embedded bitmap images, and other data. A selection of pre-made sample templates (.zdl) is provided with Avery DesignPro 5.x in "%ProgramData%\Avery\DesignPro5\Samples\."

Avery DesignPro versions before 5.0 used a different file format (.zdp). With certain limitations concerning embedded bitmap graphics, data merge fields, and bar codes, all legacy DesignPro files (.zdl, .zdp) can be imported in Avery Design & Print and its online version (Avery Design & Print Online).

Apart from that, the .zdl extension also serves to denote configuration files used by ZDL, an open-source ZDoom launcher utility developed by the ZDL Software Foundation. ZDL is a highly configurable GUI tool that allows to load IWAD (Internal WAD), PWAD, and other game data files for ZDoom (an open-source Doom game engine) and save/load launcher configurations as .zdl files. The .zdl file is a text-based INI file where various ZDL parameters are set and external file references are given.

Software to open or convert ZDL files

You can open ZDL files with the following programs:
DesignPro by Avery Dennison
DesignPro by Avery
Label Factory Deluxe
Label Factory Deluxe by Nova Development
DesignPro Business Cards
DesignPro Business Cards by Avery Dennison

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