DIB File Extension

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What is the .DIB file type?

The .dib filename extension represents the Device-Independent Bitmap (DIB) file format, also known as Windows Bitmap or BMP. Developed by Microsoft for OS/2, DIB has become a standard image format in Microsoft Windows since Windows 3.x.

The .dib file is a Windows Bitmap (BMP, DIB) image. Recognizable by its magic number ('BM' or 'BM6'), it contains a map of pixel data, arranged to form an RGB, grayscale, indexed, or monochrome raster image. Data inside such files can be RLE-compressed, while uncompressed DIB files tend to be quite large in size. DIB image files are denoted with several extensions (.bmp, .dib, .rle) that can be used interchangeably. Although technically more accurate, the .dib extension occurs rarely, having given way to the more popular .bmp suffix.

Besides its native support in Microsoft's GDI (Graphics Device Interface) subsystem, Windows Bitmap (BMP, DIB) is one of the most widely supported bitmap graphics formats on non-Windows systems. DIB images can be displayed, edited, or converted into other graphical formats using a large number of viewers, editors, office applications, and graphics utilities.

Software to open or convert DIB files

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