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What is the .BMT file type?

The .bmt extension's primary association is with the Testo IRSoft Thermogram (BMT) file format/type. Testo is the name of a large international company that manufactures a wide range of measurement devices, including hand-held IR thermal imagers. Portable Testo thermal imagers are used to take visually-comprehensible images of heat levels and distribution over complex surfaces, parts, installations, buildings, etc.

BMT is a proprietary binary format used in IRSoft, and a .bmt file is a relatively large (around one megabyte, depending on resolution) binary file that contains a bitmap heat-distribution image. BMT files are heat 'pictures' taken with Testo IR imagers and processed with the proprietary IRSoft software that also allows to save in standard image formats (.jpg, .png). Processing of BMT thermographic images requires significant computing power.

In online gaming, the .bmt extension has an association with the Silkroad Material File (BMT) format. Silkroad Online (SRO) is a free-to-play MMORPG developed by JoyMax. The SRO storyline is built around the ancient Silk Road trading routes in Asia.

With SRO, a .bmt file is a material definition file in a proprietary binary format that holds references to one or several textures (.ddj files). The game uses material definitions (.bmt) to change the look of various game objects, basing on its material properties (e.g., steel, wood, stone, etc.). All SRO resource files (incl. .bmt) are packaged into .pk2 game data archives.

With reference to Alpha Five, a relational database management system (RDBMS) and a rapid application development (RAD) system by Alpha Software, the .bmt extension associates with the Alpha Five Image Library (BMT) file format/type.

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