DLC File Extension

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What is the .DLC file type?

The .dlc extension is an acronym for 'Download Link Container' (DLC), and it is used to tag files of the DLC file type and format. DLC is a binary encrypted container format for storing a list of plaintext URL-encoded Internet link strings to be used in connection with JDownloader, a versatile open-source Java-based download manager. DLC uses a client-server DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology to enable local encryption, but requiring a server authorization to decrypt.

Both the container and the content parts of a .dlc file are encrypted with a strong AES cypher, so the file cannot be simply opened/viewed without decryption. To be decrypted, a .dlc link list must be opened with JDownloader, which sends a query to the JDownloader's DRM-server to receive clearance and a key, necessary for decryption.

Encrypted DLC link lists are meant to be used as secure containers to share links without the risk of compromising the information. However, there are reportedly tools/services, other than JDownloader, that allow DLC decryption.

DLC is similar to other link container formats like CCF and RSDF.

Software to open or convert DLC files

You can open DLC files with the following programs:
JDownloader by AppWork GmbH
JDownloader by AppWork UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

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