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What is the .OPS file type?

Primarily, the .ops extension relates to the Microsoft (MS) Office Profile Settings (OPS) file type and format. MS Office is a very popular commercial office suite, with proprietary MS Office document formats still largely considered a de facto standard.

With the Profile Wizard (Save My Settings Wizard) utility, earlier versions of MS Office (XP, 2003) allowed the user to save his/her current profile in an OPS file, to be later restored on the same or different machine with the same version of MS Office installed.

An .ops file is a large binary archive file with a backup copy of the current MS Office program settings as well as user-specific registry keys, created with an earlier MS Office release.

MS Office OPS files can be opened and reviewed with OPS File Viewer, a free tool from MS. In recent MS Office releases, support of the OPS profile backup technology has been dropped.

Alternatively, the .ops extension can be used as a label for the Dynamite VSP Object Placement Style (OPS) file type/format. Dynamite VSP is a design visualization plugin by Autodesk for both 3ds Max Design and AutoCAD Civil 3D.

With Dynamite VPS, .ops files store rules (styles) for automatic placement of any objects selected by the designer into the visualization scene (e.g., roadside posts, highway railings etc.) along certain guidelines in a 3D perspective. OPS style files are usually handled with integrated Object Placement Style Editor.

Besides, the .ops extension is also used in connection with Odin, an unofficial firmware flashing tool developed specifically for Android-based Samsung mobile devices. Odin .ops files are strictly model-specific plaintext files that reflect the device's partitioning structure. A proper .ops file is required for flashing a Samsung device with Odin.

Software to open or convert OPS files

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