TVS File Extension

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What is the .TVS file type?

The primary association of the .tvs extension belongs to the TeamViewer Session (TVS) file type and format. TeamViewer is a popular versatile software tool for remote desktop access, control and administration. TeamViewer is available for all major platforms and provides unified interconnectivity among different TeamViewer clients.

TVS is a proprietary binary format used by TeamViewer to record and store remote access/control sessions. A .tvs file is a data file that contains a video recording of a remote control session along with session-specific metadata. Session recording can be switched on through an option in the TeamViewer client.

Once recorded, TVS files can be played back in TeamViewer or converted with the TeamViewer built-in converter into AVI files (watermarked). TeamViewer associates itself with the TVS file type, and .tvs session files can be opened with the default open action (double-click).

Alternatively, the .tvs extension is used in association with the TuneUp Visual Style (TVS) file type. AVG PC TuneUp is a PC performance optimization utility (MS Windows) bundled with the AVG antivirus product and available as a standalone tool.

AVG PC TuneUp uses TVS files in connection with its AVG Styler tool to change Windows visual themes. Each TVS file contains a specific visual style, or theme.

Technically, a .tvs file is a ZIP archive with a different extension. It contains a directory structure with several 'shellstyle.dll' files, each in a separate subdirectory, and the master .msstyles file.

Software to open or convert TVS files

You can open TVS files with the following programs:
TeamViewer by TeamViewer
AVG PC TuneUp by AVG Technologies
TuneUp Utilities
TuneUp Utilities by TuneUp Software
TeamViewer by TeamViewer GmbH

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