DOTX File Extension

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What is the .DOTX file type?

One of the OOXML family, the .dotx extension belongs to the Microsoft Office Word Document Template (DOTX) format and file type. OOXML stands for Office Open XML, a set of ECMA-standardized office document formats developed and promoted by Microsoft (MS). Since MS Office 2007, OOXML is used by default in all MS Office products.

A .dotx file is an MS Office Word document template. A template is a bare-bones document that contains standard, re-usable elements to facilitate creation of new documents of that type. Any MS Office Word document can be saved as a template (.dotx file). The default location of DOTX (DOTM) templates is the "%UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates" folder.

Confusingly enough, MS Office 2007 and later editions do not default to the DOTX template format, relaying instead on DOTM (the macro-enabled DOTX), and their global template file being "Normal.dotm".

Like all OOXML document files, a .dotx file is a ZIP archive that contains all document's resources as files in a tree of directories inside the archive.

Besides MS Office, DOTX templates can be opened with several other office productivity suites.

Software to open or convert DOTX files

You can open DOTX files with the following programs:
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office by Microsoft Corporation
LibreOffice by The Document Foundation

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