SDLPPX File Extension

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What is the .SDLPPX file type?

The verbose .sdlppx filename extension stands for the SDL Trados Studio Project Package (.sdlppx) file format and type, with reference to SDL Trados Studio, a popular commercial CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) software by SDL International. Considered by many a de facto industry standard for CAT, SDL Trados Studio is used by professional translators and software localization teams worldwide.

An .sdlppx file is an SDL Trados Studio package that contains all resources of a translation project, covering the source and the target languages. It is, in fact, a ZIP archive with a different extension. Inside, there is a directory tree that holds all of the project's files.

SDLPPX files are best opened directly in SDL Trados Studio. If the software is unavailable, any .sdlppx package (namely, the contained .sdlxliff files) can be imported into other CAT systems like memoQ or DVX. Otherwise, any .sdlppx file can be manually opened with a ZIP-compatible archive manager. To do that, the .sdlppx file has to be renamed to .zip or passed to the archiver through the "Open with..." command.

Software to open or convert SDLPPX files

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