DGL File Extension

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What is the .DGL file type?

The .dgl filename extension mainly represents the DigiGuide Language Pack (.dgl) file type associated with DigiGuide TV Guide, a paid Microsoft Windows application by GipsyMedia Limited. DigiGuide TV Guide offers subscription-based access to their online database of continuously updated program listings for the majority of TV channels, mainly focused on the UK. Released in British English by default, DigiGuide TV Guide uses its language pack (.dgl) files to support localization. A .dgl file is a structured text file, in which language-specific textual content for individual GUI elements and actions is provided using BEGIN and END statements as delimiters. Such DGL language pack files can be opened and modified in any text editor. A default installation of DigiGuide TV Guide includes two language packs, lang.dgl and usa.dgl, both located in the software's installation folder. DigiGuide TV Guide associates itself with the .dgl file type silently during installation.

Another use case of the .dgl extension relates to Das Postleitzahlen-Diagramm, a German-language area mapping tool based on ZIP indexes. Das Postleitzahlen-Diagramm (PLZ-Diagramm) is developed for Microsoft Windows by Klaus Wessiepe and released as shareware. With reference to PLZ-Diagramm, the .dlg extension denotes its layer files (PLZ-Layerdatei, .dgl). Each layer (.dgl) file stores in binary form the shapes and designations of areas within the map, e.g. ZIP code area boundaries. Custom map layers can be created in PLZ-Diagramm by defining areas on a given map and saving as .dgl files by selecting "Als Layer-Datei speichern" (Save as layer file) from the Datei (File) menu.

Software to open or convert DGL files

You can open DGL files with the following programs:
Digiguide TV Guide
Digiguide TV Guide by GipsyMedia Limited
Das Postleitzahlen-Diagramm
Das Postleitzahlen-Diagramm by Klaus Wessiepe, Softwareentwicklung und Vertrieb
Digimizer by MedCalc Software

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