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Perhaps one of the oldest and well-known archive management tools on PC, WinRAR by RARLAB (A. Roshal) is a commercial Microsoft Windows application whose purpose is to create and expand archives. Not quite so popular today as some year ago, WinRAR owes its former success and a still large following among Windows users to RAR, a proprietary data compression method and file format that was developed by WinRAR's author.

WinRAR can be used to create archives, protect them with 128-bit encryption and digital signatures, verify archive integrity, and extract the original data. Additionally, WinRAR supports multi-volume and self-extracting archives. Apart from its own RAR format which allows to achieve high compression ratios while keeping good speed, WinRAR supports nearly two dozen other data compression algorithms and archive formats, that are most commonly used on PC. When it comes to creating an archive, WinRAR offers a choice between RAR and ZIP, albeit with a number of options provided for both. All other formats have read-only support.

The application's user interface has been translated into 45 languages and provides skin support. WinRAR integrates well in the system, offering shell extensions for Windows Explorer and optionally associating itself with the supported archive file types. WinRAR is officially distributed by win.rar GmbH as shareware with a trial period of 40 days, during which the software's functionality is not limited. To continue using WinRAR after expiration of the trial period, either a personal or multi-user license must be purchased.

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Publisher: win.rar GmbH

Site: http://www.sap.com

File formats: 001.001, 7Z.7Z, ARJ.ARJ, BZ2.BZ2, CAB.CAB, DEB.DEB, DMG.DMG, GZ.GZ, LHA.LHA, LZH.LZH, RAR.RAR, TAR.TAR, TAZ.TAZ, TBZ.TBZ, TBZ2.TBZ2, TGZ.TGZ, TXZ.TXZ, WIM.WIM, XZ.XZ, Z.Z, ZIP.ZIP, PDF.PDF, CBR.CBR, CBZ.CBZ, JAR.JAR, DAT.DAT, M4B.M4B, MQV.MQV, QT.QT, SRT.SRT, SUB.SUB, WAVE.WAVE, PCAST.PCAST, AMC.AMC, CDDA.CDDA, DIF.DIF, QHT.QHT, QHTM.QHTM, QTL.QTL, SD2.SD2, TORRENT.TORRENT, ISO.ISO, AIF.AIF, AIFC.AIFC, AIFF.AIFF, BIN.BIN, CDA.CDA, M3U8.M3U8, M4A.M4A, M4P.M4P, M4V.M4V, PLS.PLS, MDF.MDF, MDS.MDS, NRG.NRG, KEY.KEY, ACE.ACE, BZ.BZ, R00.R00, R01.R01, R02.R02, R03.R03, R04.R04, R05.R05, R06.R06, R07.R07, R08.R08, R09.R09, R10.R10, R11.R11, R12.R12, R13.R13, R14.R14, R15.R15, R16.R16, R17.R17, R18.R18, R19.R19, R20.R20, R21.R21, R22.R22, R23.R23, R24.R24, R25.R25, R26.R26, R27.R27, R28.R28, R29.R29, REV.REV, UU.UU, UUE.UUE, XXE.XXE, CRDOWNLOAD.CRDOWNLOAD, IPA.IPA, IPG.IPG, IPSW.IPSW, ITDB.ITDB, ITE.ITE, ITL.ITL, ITLP.ITLP, ITLS.ITLS, ITMS.ITMS, ITPC.ITPC, M4R.M4R, IMG.IMG, MD5.MD5, CFG.CFG, PART.PART, RAW.RAW, NZB.NZB, EPUB.EPUB, CRX.CRX, JSON.JSON, ZIPX.ZIPX, SFV.SFV, OPDOWNLOAD.OPDOWNLOAD, R30.R30, R31.R31, R32.R32, R33.R33, R34.R34, R35.R35, R36.R36, R37.R37, R38.R38, R39.R39, R40.R40, R41.R41, R42.R42, R43.R43, R44.R44, R45.R45, R46.R46, R47.R47, R48.R48, R49.R49, R50.R50, R51.R51, R52.R52, R53.R53, R54.R54, R55.R55, R56.R56, R57.R57, R58.R58, R59.R59, R60.R60, R61.R61, R62.R62, R63.R63, R64.R64, R65.R65, R66.R66, R67.R67, R68.R68, R69.R69, R70.R70, R71.R71, R72.R72, R73.R73, R74.R74, R75.R75, R76.R76, R77.R77, R78.R78, R79.R79, R80.R80, R81.R81, R82.R82, R83.R83, R84.R84, R85.R85, R86.R86, R87.R87, R88.R88, R89.R89, R90.R90, R91.R91, R92.R92, R93.R93, R94.R94, R95.R95, R96.R96, R97.R97, R98.R98, R99.R99, ARC.ARC, PHP.PHP, APK.APK, A.A, PAK.PAK, PK3.PK3, WAR.WAR, 2.2, OBB.OBB, LZ.LZ, TLZ.TLZ, XTM.XTM, PAR2.PAR2, XPI.XPI, Z01.Z01, 002.002, 003.003, 004.004, DIZ.DIZ, 005.005, 006.006, 007.007, 008.008, 009.009, 01.01, 010.010, 011.011, 012.012, 013.013, 014.014, 015.015, 016.016, 017.017, 018.018, 019.019, 020.020, 021.021, 022.022, 023.023, 024.024, 025.025, 026.026, 027.027, 028.028, 029.029, 030.030, 031.031, 032.032, 033.033, 034.034, 035.035, 036.036, 037.037, 038.038, 039.039, 040.040, 041.041, 042.042, 043.043, 044.044, 045.045, 046.046, 047.047, 048.048, 049.049, 050.050, 051.051, 052.052, 053.053, 054.054, 055.055, 056.056, 057.057, 058.058, 059.059, 060.060, 061.061, 062.062, 063.063, 064.064, 065.065, 066.066, 067.067, 068.068, 069.069, 070.070, 071.071, 072.072, 073.073, 075.075, 076.076, 078.078, 079.079, 082.082, 086.086, EAR.EAR, Z02.Z02, FTF.FTF, BAK.BAK, PKG.PKG, ZAB.ZAB, B1.B1, 1.1, 0.0, RPF.RPF, PACKAGE.PACKAGE, 7ZIP.7ZIP, ZIPD.ZIPD, B.B, 10.10, SCS.SCS, GBA.GBA, CSO.CSO, R.R, 000.000, DOWNLOADING.DOWNLOADING, DEX.DEX, EGT.EGT, IWD.IWD, RAR1.RAR1, VPK.VPK, DBK.DBK, RWP.RWP, SO.SO, RBZ.RBZ, OIV.OIV, PART1.PART1, PART2.PART2, ZIPS.ZIPS, PART3.PART3, ENCRYPTED.ENCRYPTED, ARSC.ARSC, LITEMOD.LITEMOD, XAPK.XAPK, PART01.PART01, PART5.PART5, PART01RAR.PART01RAR, PART1RAR.PART1RAR, PART2RAR.PART2RAR, ESRAR.ESRAR