DS2 File Extension

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What is the .DS2 file type?

The .ds2 filename extension denotes the Digital Speech Standard Pro (.ds2) file format and associated file type. Digital Speech Standard (DSS) is an internationally recognized standard for digital voice recording with wide support in the industry. An advancement over DSS, DSS Pro (.ds2) offers better sound quality, achieves higher compression ratio, and supports file encryption (AES). DSS Pro (.ds2) is used by default by all recent Olympus digital voice recorders, although they can be programmed to use DSS instead.

The .ds2 file is a digital audio recording, a dictation recorded with an Olympus digital voice recorder like DS-3300 or DS-5000 and saved using the DSS Pro format. DSS Pro (.ds2) files can be opened for listening and transcription using proprietary DSS Player software provided by Olympus or third-party transcription systems that support DSS Pro. DSS Pro (.ds2) is incompatible with DSS (.dss), but allows conversion. Such DS2-to-DSS conversion can be performed in Olympus' DSS Player dictation module using the "Convert dictation..." command.


Software to open or convert DS2 files

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