EVT File Extension

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What is the .EVT file type?

The .evt extension stands for the Microsoft Windows Event Log (EVT) file type and format. EVT is the default event logging format in Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, and 2003. Since Windows Vista, the default event log format was expanded and changed to EVTX, although all Microsoft Windows versions after Windows XP are capable of reading .evt event logs.

An .evt file is a binary file that contains a log of events on a Microsoft Windows-driven computer. On a typical Windows XP machine, there are four main event log (.evt) files, covering system, application, network, and security events (e.g., "AppEvent.evt"). Such .evt files are located in the "%SystemRoot%\System32\config" directory.

Standalone .evt files can be opened and viewed with the built-in Event Viewer tool (the "Open Log File" command) as well as exported from there as .txt and .csv files. System administrators use .evt files to view and analyze events for troubleshooting.

On Windows Vista and later, EVT event logs can be converted into the newer EVTX format inside the Event Viewer console through the "Save Events As..." command or via the Windows Events Command Line Utility ("wevtutil.exe").

Software to open or convert EVT files

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