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What is the .DS3 file type?

The .ds3 file extension primarily denotes the SureTrend Data File (.ds3) file type and format associated with SureTrend, a data tracking and analysis tool developed by Hygiena LLC and supplied with their ATP cleaning verification devices. SureTrend allows healthcare facilities to assess cleaning effectiveness and make sure that all surfaces and medical equipment are as clean as they should be.

SureTrend's DS3 files are key user data and configuration files used for proper update and work of the software. For example, the options.ds3 file contains preference settings, database.ds3 and database archive *.ds3 –- current and archived data base results, user.ds3 - a list of users. Such .ds3 files are usually located in the C:\ProgramFiles\Hygiena\SureTrend folder and its suborders and are not supposed to be opened manually.

In addition, the .ds3 file extension can also define WinDS PRO save files used by WinDS PRO, a collection of free game emulators created by WinDS PRO Central and running on Windows-based computers. WinDS PRO allows users to play games initially intended for such consoles as Nintendo GameBoy, GameBoy Advanced, Nintendo DS, Atari, Bandai, NEC, Commodore, etc. In this case, a DS3 file is a saved game created in WinDS PRO and storing game progress data. Such files allow players to continue a game at any time, thus making video gaming more engaging.

Along the same line, the .ds3 file extension is also used to denote DeSmuME saved state files (SAVESTATES). DeSmuME is a free Nintendo DS emulation software running on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. It allows users to save a game's position (state) using the 'Save State' option and load it later when necessary without losing any game progress. Such states are saved in .ds* files, where * is a digit (0-9) denoting the sequence number of the state. These saved state data files are emulator dependent and can be opened in DeSmuME only.

Software to open or convert DS3 files

You can open DS3 files with the following programs:
WinDS PRO by WinDS PRO Central
WinDS PRO (CtsOnlineHard)
WinDS PRO (CtsOnlineHard) by WinDS PRO Central

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