ZW5 File Extension

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What is the .ZW5 file type?

The .zw5 extension belongs to a series of filename suffixes used in EPLAN Electric P8, a commercial CAD system developed by EPLAN Software & Service GmbH, denoting the EPLAN Macros Backup (.zw5) file type. Following the general principle adopted in EPLAN Electric P8, all backup files are saved as 7-Zip archives and assigned specific extensions (.zw[n] or .zx[n]) based on their function. Thus, project backups are given the .zw1 suffix, forms are designated with .zw4, and macros are saved as .zw5 files.

A .zw5 file is backup of EPLAN Electric P8 macros. It is a regular 7-Zip archive that contains in compressed form a series of macros (.ems) arranged in an internal directory structure. A macro (.ems) is an EPLAN XML document that serves the purpose of automating design work in EPLAN Electric P8. Equipment manufacturers often provide EPLAN-compatible data for their products in form of .zw5, .zw6 or similar archives. Any .zw5 file can be opened in EPLAN Electric P8 launching the Restore mode simply by double-clicking, and additionally any .zw5 (or any other EPLAN backup) archive can be directly opened using 7-Zip or a compatible archive tool.


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