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What is the .DSC file type?

Most commonly, the .dsc extension associates with the proprietary Nikon Disk Identification File (DSC) file type and format, developed by Nikon, Inc. and used with Nikon Coolpix photo cameras. A small hidden file, usually with the name 'nikon00x.dsc,' would be created in the root directory of any memory card volume used with a Nikon camera.

Nikon .dsc files serve the purpose of identification of a memory card volume as belonging to the camera. Some Nikon software may refuse to process volumes without a valid .dsc ID marker. An .dsc file does not contain any images, nor does it contain any EXIF or other metadata in regard of images present.

Nikon .dsc files bear service function and are not meant to be opened in any way. If unsure, leave unknown .dsc files in place.

Besides, the .dsc extension is also used as a way to denote various generic description (DSC) files. A typical description file is a small plaintext file viewable in any text editor. DSC description files often accompany software archives. The function of a .dsc description is very similar to that of NFO and DIZ files.

In 3D modeling, the .dsc extension denotes Softimage 3D scene/model (DSC) files created and used in Softimage 3D, a commercial professional-level 3D graphics suite developed/marketed by Autodesk, Inc.

Files with the .dsc extension can also represent Deep Space Catalog (DSC) plaintext data files created and used by Celestia, an open-source graphical deep space exploration simulator. DSC files are used by Celestia to define nebulae, clusters and galaxies.

IN SQL databases, the .dsc extension is associated with Discard (DSC) files used by SQL*Loader, a database utility by Oracle, Inc. DSC discard files are used to store database entries discarded, but not rejected from database tables at load-time.

In GNU/Linux, the .dsc extension is tied up with plaintext Debian Source Control (DSC) files that are part of the Debian source-code package handling standard.

Software to open or convert DSC files

You can open DSC files with the following programs:
DLS by Digital Security Controls
Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery by Microsoft Corporation
2345看图王 by 2345.com
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN

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