Opening FODG files

Have a problem opening a .FODG file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what FODG files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .FODG file type?

The .fodg filename extension denotes the Flat XML ODF Drawing (.fodg) file type/format included in the ODF specification and supported by several applications like LibreOffice Draw. ODF (Open Document Format for Office Applications) is an open standard covering a range of common XML-based office document formats.

The .fodg file holds an alternative representation of an ODF Drawing (.odg), when the entire document is rendered in plain ("flat") XML. Unlike a regular .odg drawing which uses a standard ZIP container and internally consists of multiple files, the .fodg file is a single-file XML document. Because it is saved in plain text, it is usually significantly larger than its .odg counterpart.

In a standard, ODF-compliant hierarchical structure, the .fodg file defines a complete ODF drawing, with any embedded bitmaps represented as Base64-encoded binary blobs. Like any other XML file, .fodg files are human-readable and can be opened and directly modified in a text editor. Saving ODF drawings as flat XML (.fodg) is often preferred when direct source code editing is necessary to create new custom shapes.

Software to open or convert FODG files

You can open FODG files with the following programs:
LibreOffice by The Document Foundation
Pegase DGFiP
Pegase DGFiP by DGFIP
LibreOffice by MIMO

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