WEBLOC File Extension

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What is the .WEBLOC file type?

Standing for 'Website Location,' the .webloc filename extension denotes the Web Internet Location (.webloc) file type used in Apple Mac OS X. A .webloc file is a Mac OS X version of the Internet shortcut. It is a regular Unicode (UTF-8) text file with a different extension. The file itself is an XML document that uses Apple's XML PList (Property List) format to code a URL reference to a website or other remote resource.

On a Mac OS X system, .webloc files can be created by drag-and-drop from Safari or other web browsers. The .webloc file type is pre-associated with the Finder application (Finder.app), so that when a .webloc shortcut is double-clicked, its referenced URL is opened in the system's default program for that type of content.

When dealing with a .webloc file in a non-Mac computing environment, one does not have to 'convert' it or use any additional software—any simple text editor will suffice to extract the embedded URL link. For easier access to the file's contents, its extension can be manually changed to .txt. The actual URL is inside the <string> element.

Software to open or convert WEBLOC files

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