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What is the .ESD file type?

The primary function of the .esd filename extension relates to the Electronic Software Download (ESD) format introduced by Microsoft Corp. as new standard image format for all security and maintenance updated offered for Microsoft Windows 8.1 and later operating systems, superseding an older Windows Imaging Format (WIM). An .esd file (usually, "install.esd") is a compressed and encrypted Microsoft Windows installation image. Unlike .wim files, ESD images cannot be mounted or directly modified. Thanks to compression, ESD images generally take 30% less disk space and bandwidth than their WIM counterparts. On Microsoft Windows 8.1 or later, ESD images are downloaded to the "%SystemRoot%\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\" directory. Using certain tools like ESD decription scripts, .esd distribution images can be decrypted to extract the contained WIM images.

In the area of genetics research, the .esd extension is associated with the MegaBACE Chromatogram (.esd) file type and format, with reference to the MegaBACE DNA analysis systems (e.g., MegaBACE 1000 Sequencing System) produced by Amersham Biosciences. Here, an .esd file represents a chromatogram of a DNA sequence obtained with a MegaBACE instrument. MegaBACE sequence chromatograms (.esd) can be read or imported in several DNA sequencing and analysis software as well as converted to the Standard Chromatogram File (.scf) format.

Apart from that, the .esd extension represents the DIRECTUM Electronic Structured Document (.esd) file type. ESD is an open file format developed by the DIRECTUM Company as a standard container for all types of documents exchanged in electronic document workflow environments based on the DIRECTUM software. Here, an .esd file is a generic container incorporating a digitally signed document along with its attributes and metadata. Beside the full-fledged DIRECTUM system, ESD documents can be opened using a free DIRECTUM OverDoc tool.

Besides, the .esd extension is associated with the Easy Street Draw Diagram (.esd) file type and format used by Easy Street Draw (ESD), a specialized 2D drawing tool designed by A-T Solutions, Inc. to facilitate traffic accident or crime case documenting by law enforcement officers. Here, an .esd file represents a diagram of a collision or crime scene created in ESD.

Software to open or convert ESD files

You can open ESD files with the following programs:
Chromas Lite
Chromas Lite by Technelysium Pty Ltd
DataBase Professional
DataBase Professional by Avanquest Publishing USA, Inc.
Easy Street Draw
Easy Street Draw by Trancite Logic Systems
Chromas by Technelysium Pty Ltd

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