HTACCESS File Extension

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What is the .HTACCESS file type?

In fact, the lengthy extension-like string ".htaccess" is not a filename extension, but rather a Unix-style filename itself. Such dotted names are commonly assigned to hidden configuration files.

Standing for 'Hypertext Access,' the ".htaccess" filename is specifically used for Apache configuration files. A famous non-commercial web server platform, Apache is the most widely used web server in the world.

An .htaccess file defines directory access rules and sets certain Apache configuration options. An .htaccess file is usually placed inside every directory of the Apache hypertext document directory ("/var/www/html/" by default on GNU/Linux) that has to be individually configured in terms of access rights and other settings. No .htaccess files are visible to website visitors.

All settings inside an .htaccess file apply only to the current directory and generally supersede global Apache settings. Any changes made to a root-level .htaccess file affect the entire website and may seriously compromise security if mistakes or omissions are made.

Any .htaccess file can be viewed and edited with a text editor.

Software to open or convert HTACCESS files

You can open HTACCESS files with the following programs:
Notepad++ by Notepad++ Team
Sublime Text Build
Sublime Text Build by Sublime HQ Pty Ltd
PSPad editor
PSPad editor by Jan Fiala

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