KEY File Extension

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What is the .KEY file type?

The KEY file extension is mainly associated with presentation files created in the Apple's Keynote application. This software product works similar to PowerPoint by Microsoft Corporation and enables users to create and share presentations using various built-in themes, tools and effects.

A .key file by Keynote contains a collection of graphics, text blocks, images, transitions and XML data necessary to run the presentation. Since these KEY files rely on some OS X-specific technologies and are designed for use on Macintosh computers, you may have difficulties when trying to open them on other platforms.

Additionally, the KEY suffix can be assigned to generic license files created by various software applications after their registration. They store an encrypted key or registration information saved in a plain text format to authenticate the purchase of the legal copy of the program. KEY license files are usually not supposed to be opened directly to prevent illegal distribution of the software.

Software to open or convert KEY files

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