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What is the .DTA file type?

A short for 'Data,' the .dta extension is primarily associated with the Stata Dataset File (DTA) file type and format. DTA is a proprietary non-text file format used by Stata, a commercial statistics and data analysis software for Microsoft Windows by StataCorp widely used in academia and many applied areas, such as econometrics, logistics, survey data analysis. Stata saves its data in datasets (.dta).

A .dta file is a binary file, representing a single Stata dataset. A dataset is an ordered array of data values, against which all statistical and/or analytic operations are performed in Stata.

The .dta file type is associated with Stata, so any .dta file can be opened with a double-click. Apart from that, a .dta dataset can be loaded into Stata with the "use" command. DTA files can normally be opened with Stata only, moreover, files created with a later release (e.g., Stata 13) cannot be opened in earlier versions (Stata 11/12) without the "use13" compatibility module. Through plugins, .dta datasets can be directly imported into Microsoft Excel or other applications.

Additionally, also as an abbreviation for 'Data,' the .dta extension is generally used to denote any files that contain ordered data, a dataset, or a complete database. Such DTA files may be used by different computer programs and may come in different formats, both text-based and binary. When opening a generic .dta file, it is important to know its origin. Some data files (.dta) can be directly imported into DBMS and/or spreadsheet applications.

Software to open or convert DTA files

You can open DTA files with the following programs:
Stata by StataCorp LP
GAEB-Konverter by T&&T Datentechnik GmbH

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