SKB File Extension

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What is the .SKB file type?

The .skb extension belongs to the Trimble SketchUp Project Backup (SKB) file type. SketchUp is a popular 3D modeling software tool for MS Windows/Mac OS X. Developed by Trimble Navigation Ltd. (initially, Google), SketchUp targets a range of applications like game design, construction, engineering, woodworking etc.

SketchUp uses the proprietary SKP format to store its projects. Although a different file type, SKB files follow exactly the same format as regular SketchUp project files (.skp). SKB files are used mainly for backup purposes, and each .skb file is a verbatim copy of the related .skp project, saved automatically before any changes are committed to the project (if the 'Create backup' option is enabled).

Both SKP project files and their SKB backups can be directly opened with SketchUp, exported to a number of other formats, and imported, both directly or indirectly, into other 3D modeling applications (e.g., 3ds Max). SKB files can also be viewed with the free Trimble SketchUp Viewer utility (MS Windows/Mac OS).

Software to open or convert SKB files

You can open SKB files with the following programs:
SketchUp by Trimble Navigation Limited
Google SketchUp Pro
Google SketchUp Pro by Google, Inc.
V-Ray for SketchUp adv
V-Ray for SketchUp adv by Chaos Software, Ltd
Google SketchUp
Google SketchUp by Google, Inc.
SketchUp 2016 PL
SketchUp 2016 PL by Trimble Navigation Limited

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