JPEG File Extension

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What is the .JPEG file type?

The .jpeg extension serves exactly the same purpose as .jpg, denoting graphical image files in the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) raster format, and the respective file type. The JPEG format was first offered as a replacement for GIF to handle realistic photographic-quality images with large color depth and subtle color gradients.

The JPEG format uses efficient lossy compression with selectable lossiness level and utilizes special algorithms to counter various resulting artifacts (mainly, 'boxes' and 'ladders'). JPEG images are usually quite small. The same JPEG file saved over itself several times would normally become smaller in size and exhibit deteriorating image quality with every save. To preserve maximum quality, a .jpeg image file should be saved with the lowest compression setting possible.

JPEG images are universally well supported by all image viewers and raster image processing applications on all platforms. JPEG became a de facto standard raster format for non-critical applications like amateur digital photography, Web graphics etc.

Software to open or convert JPEG files

You can open JPEG files with the following programs: 

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