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What is the .DXP file type?

The .dxp filename extension primarily represents the CDBurnerXP Data Disk Compilation (.dxp) file type, introduced by and associated with CDBurnerXP, a freeware CD/DVD burning tool for Microsoft Windows by Canneverbe Limited. CDBurnerXP refers to its disk projects as compilations and distinguishes two project types: the .dxp type for data disk compilations and the .axp type for audio disks. A .dxp file is a CDBurnerXP project file that describes a compilation of files and directories selected to be burned onto a data disk. The .dxp file itself is an XML document generated by CDBurnerXP when the project is saved. Such DXP project files contain only path references to any source files included in them, without copying the actual data. While any data disk compilation (.dxp) can be opened in CDBurnerXP regardless of the availability of its source files, they are certainly required in order to actually burn the project. During installation, CDBurnerXP offers an option to associate its .dxp and .axp file types with the software (preselected by default).

Alternatively, the .dxp extension denotes the Dexpot Profile (.dxp) file type that belongs to the Dexpot virtual desktop utility developed by DEXPOT GbR and made free for private use. Dexpot allows to set up and use up to twenty virtual desktop screens in a Microsoft Windows environment, with all settings saved as profiles (.dxp) in the Dexpot application data directory ("%AppData%\Dexpot\profile" on Windows 7 and later). Each .dxp profile is a text-based configuration file that uses the INI syntax to define various Dexpot settings. Dexpot profiles (.dxp) can be directly opened and modified using a text editor. All section and parameter names inside the .dxp files are in German.

The .dxp extension also relates to the TIBCO Spotfire Analysis (.dxp) file type denoted by it in scope of the TIBCO Spotfire commercial business analytics software by TIBCO Software Inc. Here, the .dxp file is a locally saved copy of a TIBCO Spotfire analysis that can be re-opened and further edited, updated, or visualized. It can be thought of as a TIBCO Spotfire project file that binds together different data sources and defines the analysis parameters.

Software to open or convert DXP files

You can open DXP files with the following programs:
CDBurnerXP by CDBurnerXP
CDBurnerXP by Canneverbe Limited
Dexpot by Dexpot GbR

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