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What is the .AXP file type?

The primary association of the .axp filename extension belongs to the Pinnacle Studio Project (AXP) file format. Also known as Studio Movie, AXP is used with different versions of Pinnacle Studio, a most versatile and powerful commercial non-linear video editing solution by Pinnacle Systems (now, part of Corel, Inc.).

An .axp file is a Pinnacle Studio project. It is a relatively small mixed text/binary file that holds together all settings, preferences, and media links for a given video-editing project. AXP project files do not include any live media data, keeping links to any such files instead. To create a portable Studio project with all its resources in one place, Studio offers the Studio Project Package (.axx) format.

Several previous Studio versions (e.g., Studio 15) used .axp files only as pointers and placeholders, while keeping all project-related content in a subdirectory with the same name. Older .axp projects can be opened by/imported into newer Pinnacle Studio releases.

Besides, the .axp extension also comes in association with the CDBurnerXP Audio Compilation (.axp) file type. CDBurnerXP is a freeware CD/DVD recording tool by Canneverbe Ltd. for Microsoft Windows. CDBurnerXP uses .axp files to store compilations of audio files selected for recording. An .axp file is a text-based XML listing of filenames and paths of any audio files included in the selection. Both audio (.axp) and data (.dxp) compilation file types can be optionally associated with CDBurnerXP.

Another association of the .axp extension belongs to the ANVIL Express Part/Project (AXP) file type and format. Marketed by MCS ReAnsys, ANVIL Express is a commercial CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Manufacturing) software that uses .axp files to store parts and projects; an .axp file is an ANVIL Express document. Besides ANVIL Express, AXP files can be viewed with the commercial MCS ANVIL Viewer tool.

Additionally, the .axp extension is utilized in conjunction with the Advanced Experience Project (AxProject) Document (.axp) file type and format. AxProject is a commercial project management software by Advanced Experience Inc. for Microsoft Windows, rivaling Microsoft Project. Here, an .axp file is an AxProject document in a proprietary format. AXP projects can be opened/edited in AxProject and exported as XML.

Also, the .axp extension is related to the AppBoard Export (AXP) file type/format, used with AppBoard (Edge Technologies), a commercial Adobe Flash-based data processing and visualization application. With AppBoard, it is possible to export data dashboards into .axp files. Such AXP packages can be read and imported by other AppBoard installations.

Lastly, the .axp extension additionally serves to identify REMS sound effect patch files intended for the Korg AX3000G mixer/amp unit. Such .axp files can be uploaded to the unit, with effects applied to individual channels to alter/fine-tune the sound.

Software to open or convert AXP files

You can open AXP files with the following programs:
CDBurnerXP by CDBurnerXP
CDBurnerXP by Canneverbe Limited
Studio by Pinnacle Systems

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