EC4 File Extension

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What is the .EC4 file type?

The .ec4 filename extension belongs to the EPSON Print CD Label Design (.ec4) file format/type. EPSON Print CD is a Microsoft Windows CD/DVD label authoring and printing application by EPSON, commonly included in software bundled with EPSON ink-jet printers, mainly the Stylus Photo series. EPSON Print CD allows to create graphic disk labels and print them directly on optical media, using one of the supported EPSON printers.

An .ec4 file is a CD/DVD label design created in the latest version of EPSON Print CD and saved for later editing or printing. It is a binary file with the "EPSON Print CD for Windows" ASCII signature in its header. EC4 is a proprietary format, and .ec4 files can be opened in EPSON Print CD only.

However, if opened in EPSON Print CD and printed with the use of a print-to-PDF driver (e.g., Bullzip PDF Printer), any .ec4 label design can be converted into a PDF file or a bitmap image (JPEG, TIFF). EPSON Print CD is available from EPSON's web site as a free download.

Previous versions of the software used the extensions with lower numerical indexes (.ec3, .ec2, and .ec1).

Software to open or convert EC4 files

You can open EC4 files with the following programs:
Epson Print CD
Epson Print CD by Seiko Epson Corporation
Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Photoshop CC by Adobe Systems Incorporated

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