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What is the .ECP file type?

Possibly standing for 'Esri Copy Protection,' the .ecp extension is primarily used in its association with the Esri Authorization/License (ECP) file format and type. Esri is known as provider of a wide range of Geographic Information System (GIS) software products. For example, there is ArcGIS series in which ArcGIS Server is an enterprise-level server-based GIS framework.

Like ArcGIS Server, all commercially licensed ArcGIS and other Esri products use .ecp files as authorization, or keycode files to validate registration status of the software with users. A keycode .ecp file is a small binary file with software registration data (a license key) in the encrypted form. Such ECP files are part of Esri's proprietary license management system.

Differently, the .ecp extension is also associated with the Excel Compare Project (ECP) file type/format utilized by Excel Compare, a commercial (shareware) tool for multi-mode comparing of MS Excel spreadsheet files (.xls, .xlsx). An .ecp file is a text-based project file that uses an INI-like sectioned syntax to describe file compare settings and options. Excel Compare associates itself with the ECP file type.

Besides, the .ecp extension can also denote the EasyC Project (ECP) file type and format. ECP was used by earlier versions (V1/2) of EasyC, a visual drag-and-drop programming system by Intelitek, Inc. EasyC is based upon the C language, and an .ecp file is an EasyC project. ECP projects cannot be directly imported into later EasyC versions (V4), they must be first translated into .c source-code files.

Lastly, the .ecp extension can be also encountered in binary data files created and used by EBP Compta, a French-language commercial accounting suite with several levels of complexity. EBP Compta is developed for MS Windows and released by EBP Informatique

Software to open or convert ECP files

You can open ECP files with the following programs:
EBP Compta
EBP Compta by EBP
EBP Comptabilité
Excel Compare
Excel Compare by Formula Software, Inc.

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