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What is the .SEC file type?

An abbreviation of 'Secret,' the .sec extension is associated with the PGP Private Keyring files (SEC). PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is a popular and open IETF-standardized (Internet Engineers Task Force) public-key cryptographic solution. PGP employs strong cryptography and relies upon using public keys to encrypt and private (secret) keys to decrypt data. All keys are stored in two keyring files, public and private.

The first time PGP is run, both public (PUB) and secret (SEC) keyrings are generated and asked to be saved at a user's location. In Unix/Linux, PGP secret keyring files can also be saved with the 'secring.pgp' filename.

A SEC file is a private (secret) PGP keyring file, i.e. it contains secret cryptographic keys in a plaintext ASCII form that can be used to decipher messages of files encrypted with the same person's public key. PGP .sec files can be opened and viewed (and stolen) with the use of any text editor, which is why all private keyrings should be stored very securely.

Quite differently, the .sec extension may be used by some Samsung DVR (Digital Video Recorder) surveillance and/or entertainment systems for compressed video files saved as standard H.264/AVC streams. Such files are playable by the Samsung player tool (an .exe file provided with each .sec file in case of a surveillance DVR system) or can be converted with third-party utilities into a more convenient container format like AVI.

Also, the .sec extension can be used with SpecsIntact Section files in connection with SpecsIntact, a NASA-developed XML-based software framework for construction specification quality assurance also adopted by the US Navy and US Army. A SpecsIntact Section (.sec) is an XML-structured text document best edited with SIEditor, available within the NASA SpecsIntact project.

In engineering, the .sec extension belongs to Pro/Engineer Sketch (SEC) files created with Pro/Engineer, a very complex and powerful commercial 3D engineering CAD (Computer-Aided Design) suite for a range of industrial applications. Sketch .sec files use the proprietary Pro/Engineer format.

In portable gaming, the .sec extension is used in GuinXell SecPlayer video container files in the joint M-JPEG/MP3 audio/video format. GuinXell is a self-made Asian software environment runnable with Sony PSP (PlayStation). In GuinXell, SecPlayer is used to play .sec video files.

Software to open or convert SEC files

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