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What is the .EGB file type?

The .egb filename extension primarily denotes the Encom Georeferenced Bitmap (.egb) file type/format used in Encom Discover 3D, a visualization, modeling, and analysis tool for the Encom Discover geological and seismic research system from Pitney Bowes Software. For a bitmap image (PNG, BMP, JPEG, etc.) to be displayed in 3D or as a draped or multi-layered map using Encom Discover 2013, it must have a matching EGB file. The .egb file contains no graphical data, being instead a small ASCII text file referencing an external bitmap image in the context of a certain projection and coordinate space. A georeferenced image can be created using the View Map in 3D tool, with an option to save the generated .egb file to a permanent location.

The .egb extension is also assigned to the temporary data files created by the SimCity 2013 urban society simulation game (Maxis/Electronic Arts) in the "Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityUserData\EcoGame" folder. Named after the "GDXXXXXXXX.egb" pattern, such files contain current game data, specific both to the currently loaded city simulation and the player's Origin account. To rollback to a previously saved state of a city simulation in case the current one stops processing due to a known bug in SimCity 2013, the most recent .egb files and directories in the "..\EcoGame" folder are to be backed up and deleted. This will cause the game to revert to the latest working snapshot.

In the context of the EPLAN License Manager provided by EPLAN Software & Service GmbH to manage licenses for EPLAN engineering software such as EPLAN Electric P8, the .egb extension denotes the EPLAN Offline License (.egb) file type/format. When properly generated against a license request file (.egr) in the "Borrow license" dialog, the .egb file allows to temporarily transfer EPLAN product licenses to other computers. The .egb files are saved in "%PUBLIC%\EPLAN\ELM" by default.

With reference to Encog Workbench, a GUI front-end to the Encog machine learning framework from Heaton Research, the .egb extension represents the Encog Binary File (.egb) file type/format. Generated from text-based CSV data sources, such .egb files contain normalized training data, saved in a binary form for faster access and processing.

Besides, the .egb extension occurs in association with the Egcobox Balcony Project (.egb) file type/format used by the Egcobox balcony installation and configuration support software from Max Frank GmbH, a major Germany provider of construction materials and solutions. Here, the .egb file represents an Egcobox balcony installation project.

Software to open or convert EGB files

You can open EGB files with the following programs:
SimCity by R.G. Mechanics, markfiter
SimCity by Mr DJ
SimCity by Maxis

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