BDTP File Extension

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What is the .BDTP file type?

The .bdtp filename extension belongs to the Baidu Video Temporary File (.bdtp) file type and format. Baidu is the name of the largest Chinese search engine, incorporating a web encyclopedia, a multimedia hosting hub, a social network, and a range of other services. Along with streamed watching, Baidu officially allows to download any multimedia files hosted on Baidu servers and provides a freeware video player (BaiduPlayer) that allows to watch Baidu-hosted videos using its own network protocol (bdhd://).

When downloading video files, BaiduPlayer performs buffering and creates several temporary files (.bdre, .bdtp) to support the process. As most video files are hosted as RMVB streams, the typical extension pattern is .rmvb.bdtp. Once a download is complete, all temporary files are removed. Presence of the .bdtp and/or .bdre files in the download directory tells of an incomplete video download. Viewing the contents of the temporary BDTP (BDRE) file in a text editor, it is possible to extract the video's URL.

Besides BaiduPlayer, .bdtp temporary files are created and can be opened with several other multimedia players (e.g., HiPlayer).

Software to open or convert BDTP files

You can open BDTP files with the following programs:
HiPlayer by
BaiduPlayer3.4.0.53 by Baidu Online Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
HiPlayer1.14.0.138 by
BaiduPlayer1.19.0.146 by Baidu Online Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

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