EGV File Extension

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What is the .EGV file type?

The .egv file extension primarily denotes the Easy Guide Viewer Data File (.egv) file type and format associated with Easy Guide Viewer, a discontinued software tool from Canon Inc. allowing users to access manuals and instructions for Canon inkjet printers and other devices.

In this case, EGV files (in particular, a single file named info.egv) are language- and device-dependent data files located in Canon subfolders, for example C:\ProgramFiles (X86)\Canon\IJ Manual\CANON MP230 SERIES\English\Info.egv. Such files are necessary for proper on-screen display of available manuals in different languages. Unfortunately, the .egv file format is now obsolete and not supported by any Canon or third-party software.

In addition, the .egv file extension can also represent input data files generated by K40 Whisperer/Laser Draw (LaserDRW), simple laser control programs often used with low-budget Chinese laser engraving and cutting machines sold online. Such EGV files store vector or raster engrave data to be transferred to laser controllers.

Software to open or convert EGV files

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