SLN File Extension

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What is the .SLN file type?

The .sln filename extension stands for 'Solution' and represents the Microsoft Visual Studio Solution (.sln) file type/format. Microsoft Visual Studio is a commercial Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and a major software production tool on the Microsoft Windows platform.

Visual Studio (VS) uses the concept of a solution, a top-level source code structure that binds multiple projects within a persistent environment. Handled through the Solution Explorer in VS, a solution is represented by the text-based solution (.sln) file and the binary solution user option (.suo) file. The .sln file uses a name-value syntax to define a list of projects, persisted objects, VSPackages, etc. Solution files (.sln) are included in source code control.

Sometimes, SLN files fail to open in the 'right' VS version on systems with several VS versions installed. For solution files (.sln) to behave properly, the .sln file type should be associated with the "Microsoft Visual Studio Version Selector" instead of a specific VS version. Alternatively, the version string in the .sln file can be corrected manually in a text editor.

Software to open or convert SLN files

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