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What is the .HWT file type?

The .hwt filename extension belongs to the Huawei Theme (HWT) file type. Huawei is a large Chinese manufacturer of consumer electronics and communications devices, incl. GSM/3G/4G/Edge modems, mobile phone, smartphones (Android), etc. HWT is used as a label for ZIP-compressed smartphone theme files, usable with Huawei devices.

An .hwt file is a regular ZIP archive, containing all elements of a Huawei smartphone theme. HWT theme files are used with Android-based Huawei smartphones of the Ascend (Huawei Ascend G510, Ascend P6, etc.) and other series.

Users of Huawei phones often modify, or install modified .hwt theme files. It can be done through renaming the original .hwt file to .zip, extracting, modifying, and packaging the contents back to the archive, reverting finally to the .hwt extension. A large number of pre-made custom .hwt themes are also available on the Internet.

For an .hwt file to be 'seen' by the phone in the "Themes" menu section, the theme file must be placed into the "HWThemes" directory at the SD card's root.

Apart from that, the .hwt extension is also used to denote the HeavyWeather Report Template (HWT) file format and type. HeavyWeather (HeavyWeather Review) is an MS Windows application that allows to collect, process, and use data gathered from weather stations to build advanced weather reports.

HeavyWeather uses HWT files as weather report templates, which contain pre-entered data type designations, names, color, and scale of axes, duration, etc. An HWT template can be created from any HeavyWeather graph (.hwg).

Lastly, the .hwt extension also can be associated with the proprietary Hancom Office Hanword Template (HWT) file format/type. Hancom Office is a commercial office productivity suite by Hancom Inc., with Hanword being the word-processing part thereof. HWT files are used as templates for regular Hanword documents, and managed from the Template Gallery. A number of pre-made .hwt templates are provided with the installation.

Software to open or convert HWT files

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