MP5 File Extension

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What is the .MP5 file type?

The .mp5 extension is primarily used to denote digital video files. The misleading reference to MP5 has to do with a generic class of Portable Media Player (PMP) devices. Such PMP devices—usually no-name and of Asian origin—are marketed as MP5, MP6, etc. players. They have nothing to do with the MPEG-4 video/audio container standard (there is no MPEG-5 whatsoever), apart from the fact that most such players do support certain MPEG-4 format subsets.

An .mp5 file is most commonly a digital video file in the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC format, specifically encoded for MP5 PMP devices. H.264/MPEG-4 AVC is the most popular format for portable devices because it can provide HD-like video quality, while keeping moderate file sizes. The use of .mp5 extension is purely marketing-related, and other video/audio compression codecs can be used for MP5 files.

In addition to MP5 devices, .mp5 files can be directly played with certain cross-platform Asian media players (e.g., Qvod Player, etc.). Besides, if the file is a standard MPEG-4 container, it can be played with any other MPEG-4 player, provided the extension is changed to .mp4 or another standard one.

Quite differently, the .mp5 extension is also used to denote combined masterpoints report files as required by the Australian Bridge Federation (ABF). Bridge is a classic card game that is also a sports discipline. MP5 files are plaintext listings of players' identification strings together with masterpoints earned ('red' and 'green' points combined).

Software to open or convert MP5 files

You can open MP5 files with the following programs:
快播 by Shenzhen Qvod Technology Co.,Ltd
QvodPlayer(QVOD) by Shenzhen Qvod Technology Co.,Ltd
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN
百度影音 by 百度在线网络技术(北京)有限公司

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